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Chinese Whispers Clustering

Chinese Whispers Clustering
23 votes, 4.35 avg. rating (86% score)

Chinese Whispers Clustering according to the paper by Chris Biemann. The algorithm is time-linear (w.r.t. the number of edges), non-deterministic and extremely fast!

The current implementation represents a simple variant (no random class mutations yet), works single-threaded and allows for a randomized (rgb-space) coloring of the resulting clusters giving a fast visual feedback. For questions and ideas please contact the plugin author Thomas Efer.


  • 2015-06-21, v. 0.8: Novel cluster naming for greater workflow consistency (contributions from Jörg Bliesener)
  • 2014-07-23, v. 0.7: Added options for the handling of unconnected nodes
  • 2014-02-16, v. 0.6: Added option to cluster only visible graph parts (contributions from Jörg Bliesener)
  • 2014-02-08, v. 0.5: Fixed freezing bug, Renewed settings UI (contributions from Jörg Bliesener)
  • 2012-08-21, v. 0.3: Stabilized color assignment, Added options for randomized node ordering, stepwise vs. continuous mode and minimum edge weight
  • 2012-08-16, v. 0.2: Added options to control class propagation calculations (Modes: top / dist / dist-log / vote)
  • 2012-05-09, v. 0 .1: Initial release

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