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Give color to nodes

Give color to nodes
17 votes, 2.94 avg. rating (60% score)


Clement Levallois, Assistant Professor at EMLYON Business School.


Reads an attribute for nodes containing a RGB or #hex value. Colors nodes accordingly.

When is it useful?

This plugin gives you full control on the color of your nodes in Gephi. Define the color for each node as an attribute, that’s it!

Quick instructions

1. Your nodes should have an attribute containing “color” in its name. For example, something like “myColor” would work.
2. The value of this attribute for each node can be RGB (example: “255,0,0″ -> for the red color) or hexadecimal (example: “#00FF00″ for bright green).
3. Click on this pic to enlarge the illustration:


4. After installing the plugin, restart Gephi.
5. A new icon in the form of a color wheel appears on the left of the graph window (below existing icons). Click on the illustration below to see where the icon is exactly located:


6. Click on the icon, your nodes will be colored according to their color values!

Version history

1.0. initial release, 2013.

1.1. The plugin now detects node attributes titled with the British spelling “colour”, in addition to “color”. April 2015.

Author of the plugin

Clement Levallois. The original idea was suggested by Frank van der Most.



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