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Loxa Web Site Export

Loxa Web Site Export
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (92% score)

Loxa Web Site Export Plugin is a plugin developed for Gephi whose purpose is to allow easy publication of the analysis, descriptions and findings. The result of the implementation of the plugin is a fully functional website and easy customization, thereby allowing to publish the results of their work


Lets build a Web site for the project.
Workspaces are the analysis performed, of which you can see a browse graph (using sigmajs), see statistics (number of nodes and arcs, weight and density of the graph), description of the analysis and lets you download files (from the graph and image – pdf format).
The analysis information is stored in a JSON file for easy editing, which supports HTML tags to enhance your presentation.
The most important and significant findings are displayed in the bottom of the image.
Full AJAX for asynchronous calls to the server to see statistics for each analysis.
It works in most modern browsers (tested: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer).

Version 0.3:
Very quick generation
Browse the graph using sigmajs. Now you can select nodes
New interface
And now you can download the source code from GitHub

Version 0.3.1:

  • Support Gephi 0.8.2beta
  • Redesign interface new style
  • Search nodes via autocomplete, the node selected is placed in the center of the viewer of graph
  • Get more information from project properties. In Gephi go to File->Properties and complete the form and this values will be used in the Website generated.
  • Customization more easy!. The json file, now is in pretty format.
  • Less clicks to view description and metrics.
  • Now you can publish metrics and his values, with a description (it is shown when you click the metric name).

To view all the new features, visit our web page.

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