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Neo4J Graph Database Support

Neo4J Graph Database Support
23 votes, 3.83 avg. rating (76% score)


Neo4j Graph Database support

Plugin Owner’s Notes

This plugin adds support for Neo4j graph database. You can open Neo4j 2.1.3 database directory and manipulate with graph as any other Gephi graph. You can also export any graph into Neo4j database, you can filter import or export and you can use debugging as well as lazy loading support.


  • Import all data from Neo4j database
  • Traversal and filtered import
  • Export to Neo4J
  • Lazy loading, use the mouse to expand nodes


Supports the 2.1.3 version of Neo4j. If you have trouble with other versions of Neo4j please let us know.

Known problems

Neo4j 2.0 refuses to work under any Java version previous to Java 7. If you are stuck with Java 6, you can download a Neo4j 1.9 version of this plugin for manual installation that may suffice you here.


Open Neo4J Database from Gephi


Full Import


Traversal Import


The code is hosted on GitHub in a ‘neo4j-plugin’ branch of the ‘gephi-plugins’ repository.

The plugin is composed of four modules:
* Neo4jWrapper: Wrapper around Neo4j JARs
* Neo4jPlugin: Business logic
* DesktopNeo4j: User interface
* Neo4jGraphDatabase: Empty module that depends on all other three

To build, simply run:
ant clean nbms