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Seadragon Web Export

Seadragon Web Export
13 votes, 3.69 avg. rating (74% score)

Export networks on the web with the Seadragon dynamic exploration tool.

* When a graph is loaded, go to File > Export > Seadragon Web and get the HTML file ready to use
* Zoom and pan into the graph
* Seadragon is pure Javascript and works on all modern browsers
* As it uses image tiles (like Google Maps), there is no graph size limit
* Export is similar as PDF and includes all settings from Preview

Seadragon is a Microsoft Live Labs application and is released under Ms-PL license (Microsoft’s open source license) . Kudos to them for this great library.
Example Sample with Diseasome Network dataset directly exported from Gephi How to use the Plugin

Install the plugin from Gephi, “Tools > Plugin” and find Seadragon Web Export. After restarting Gephi, the plugin is installed in the export menu. Load a sample network and try the plugin. Go to the Preview tab to configure the rendering settings like colors, labels and edges.

Export directly from Gephi Export menu

The settings asks for a valid directory where to export the files and the size of the canvas. Bigger is the canvas, more you can zoom in, but it takes longer time to generate and to load. If the process hangs and never finishes, reduce the dimensions as you’re hitting the memory limit.

Export settings, configure the size of the image

Note that result on the local hard-drive can’t be viewed with Chrome, due to a bug. Run Chrome with “–allow-file-access-from-files” option to make it work.

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