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Sigmajs Exporter

Sigmajs Exporter
41 votes, 4.73 avg. rating (94% score)

Export your network from Gephi to a predefined Sigma.js template. Choose to include search, group selection, explanatory text, etc. without having to do any HTML/JavaScript coding. Upload the output to any webserver and enjoy a rich HTML5 interactive visualization of your network.

Example output is available at: More features are coming and better validation is needed, but I’m making this alpha version of the code available quickly because of the demand I’ve received for it. More information on the project is available on our blog. The underlying HTML5/CSS/JS framework used to render the graphs is also available on GitHub as a separate project and changes / pull requests are welcome.

Once installed, restart Gephi and you will see a Export to sigma.js option on the File->Export menu. Choose a location to export to, set export customization options, and click OK. The resulting folder can be uploaded to any webserver to showcase your network. Please note, due to browser security restrictions in Chrome you will not be able to view the result without a webserver (Other browsers may work locally).

Please report any issues or feature requests on the GitHub page.


Release notes:

1.0 (6 Nov 2012) Initial release

1.1 (Jan 2013) Updated for 0.8.2 Gephi release

1.1.1 (Feb 2013) Store edge weight to the ‘size’ attribute in the data so that this is displayed by Sigma.js. It is likely necessary to tweak the minEdgeSize and maxEdgeSize values in config.json for your particular configuration. The config.json files is now in pretty-print mode to make it easier to view and edit.

1.2 (Aug 2013)

  • Fix error in configuration causing ‘dim’ option not to work
  • Force UTF-8 encoding on Mac/Windows for data/config files
  • Fix error when graph had no edges
  • Export edge color if given; if not use blend of source and target nodes’ colors
  • Fix error when export path given was invalid
  • Offer option to replace node ids with numbers (can be more compact for large graphs)

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