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Spanning Tree

Spanning Tree
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The plugin finds a minimum spanning tree of a graph using Kruskal’s Algorithm.

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Weakly connected components using disjoint set

This is a copy of Gephi internal Connected Components statistics module, only using much faster algorithm to obtain weakly connected components. It was redirected here from a pull request ( due to lack of time for proper testing that would be required to integrate it into the main program.

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Multimode Networks Transformations

This plugin allows multimode networks projection. For example: you can project your bipartite (2-mode) graph to monopartite (one-mode) graph. The projection/transformation is based on the matrix multiplication approach and allows different types of transformations. Not only bipartite graphs. The limitation is matrix multiplication – large matrix multiplication takes time and memory.

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Edge Betweenness Metric

Edge Betweenness plugin for Gephi. This plugin allows compute Edge Betweenness metric, which can be used in Social Network Analysis. Edge betweenness of an edge as the number of shortest paths between pairs of nodes that run along it.

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