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Virtuoso Importer

Virtuoso Importer
2 votes, 3.50 avg. rating (74% score)

Allows importing of RDF data from a Virtuoso server. Uses the import spigot functionality

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Similarity Computer

Author Clement Levallois, Assistant Professor at EMLYON Business School. What it does Creates a network of entities based on their similarities. Once installed, you’ll find the plugin in Gephi in the menu: File -> Import Spigot ->┬áData importer (by computing similarities). Example of input files (need to be csv format): toto,green nana,green dede,blue gege,blue riri,blue [...]

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Neo4J Graph Database Support

Neo4j Graph Database support

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This plugins allows to apply a SPARQL request on: 1. a set of RDF local files, i.e. on your computer. This is done by using the Corese SPARQL engine; 2. a SPARQL SOAP or REST end-point. It provides also the following functionalities: – statistics on the types present in the rdf obtained (if the rdf:type [...]

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