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Polygon Nodes

Polygon shaped nodes Description: Extends default node renderer to support polygon shaped nodes with arbitrary number of sides. Add a column of Integers in the data table named “Polygon”, the value corresponds to the number of sides. The renderer must be enabled in the “Manage Renderers” tab. How to use: 1. In the “Data Laboratory” [...]

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Multi Colour Renderer

Multi Colour Renderer is plugin for Gephi. This plugin allows rendering of nodes in “Preview” mode as a “multicolour pie”. Each node is rendered using multiple colours. The plugin uses an implementation proposed by the user Ferretti published on Gephi forum ( Code taken from forum and packaged as plugin. Supports only visualization in the [...]

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Image Preview

This is a plugin for Gephi, a graph visualization and manipulation software package. With this plugin, nodes can be given a attribute (column) called ‘image’ that contained a image file name. those images are then loaded from a given path (provided by the Preview Settings). The images appear in the preview window, and can be [...]

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