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Clement Levallois (ExploreYourData)


Assistant Professor at EMLYON Business School, and a member of the Gephi Community Support team.
I have a wide experience in training individuals and groups in Gephi, for research and business.
Active on the forum of Gephi with more than 400 responses posted. Author of 5 public plugins, including: AlphabeticalsorterForce Atlas 3D and Map of Countries, all available from the Gephi Marketplace.

1. Consulting and training on how to use Gephi for data analysis / data visualization (academic or business). Several training packages:

- Gephi, an overview (2h30)*
- Principles of visualization of dynamic networks (2h)*
- Day-long training (from absolute beginner to advanced user).
- Two-day training, including consulting on your dataset.

*can be on site or through teleconferencing.

2. Writing of custom plugins for Gephi.

3. Training for Java developers to create Gephi plugins.

This solution can be the most interesting for an organization that has in-house programmers.

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