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Sébastien Heymann


My personal statement is to democratize network thinking. I am currently a PhD student in the ComplexNetworks team of the LIP6, under the supervision of Matthieu Latapy and Clémence Magnien. I study the dynamic topology of real-world networks (social networks, computer networks, the web…). I graduated in computer science (fr) at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France, with a minor in cognitive science.

I am also a leader of the Gephi project, an open source interactive visualization and exploration software for complex networks. I am the administrator of the Gephi Consortium.

I provide professionnal training on Gephi and consulting services to help model and analyze complex data. Contact me to discuss on your projects!


Stanford University EIFER Visceral Business University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts Tendances Institut